The Chef’s Press was born out of true necessity in the tiny kitchen of Bix Restaurant down a secret alley in San Francisco, where Chef Bruce Hill was at the helm of the stoves. In a small kitchen like that, every second counts. The old cast iron bacon presses used by his cooks trapped steam and were too heavy for many dishes. In 2004, Chef Hill created The Chef’s Press – a weight adjustable tool that allows food to cook 20-30% faster, and is vented to release moisture, yielding better results with greater ease.

In 2017, Chef Hill began producing the Chef's Press Professional line in Oakland California. The new version is made from USA forged steel and sourced from Clayton metals in Cincinnati, OH. The steel is stamped into the Chef's Press by Rago & Son in Oakland, using a 100-ton press, just the way Rago has stamped steel since 1945. The presses are then de-burred by DougCo in Oakland. The de-burring removes most of the rough edges caused by the stamping process. Lastly, Chef Hill drives the presses to his workshop in San Francisco, where each press is personally inspected by Chef Hill himself.

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, 
The Chef’s Press has become an essential tool to cooking better food.

Chef Bruce Hill: Founder and Creator

San Francisco-based Chef Bruce Hill’s goals are simple: cook with the best seasonal ingredients, employ and teach great technique, and design dishes that best suit the unique atmosphere of his restaurants. Hill’s first job in San Francisco was at Jeremiah Tower’s Stars in 1984. From there, the self-taught Hill began to implement the tenets that have since earned him a spot on the roster of the Bay Area’s most groundbreaking chefs: use the best local seasonal ingredients.

After opening Aqua in 1990 and bringing Oritalia to fame in 1993, Hill transformed the Waterfront Restaurant in 1997, receiving a Rising Star Chef award by Wine Spectator Magazine. In 2002, Hill revived Bix Restaurant as a partner and executive chef. Under Hill’s direction, Bix garnered its first 3-star review from the San Francisco Chronicle. Chef Hill opened Picco and Pizzeria Picco in 2005, quickly becoming a top Marin County restaurant, with Pizzeria Picco earning multiple honors, including Zagat’s Top 10 US Pizzerias in 2012. 2010 marked the opening of Zero Zero, a "Calipolitan" restaurant featuring artisan pastas, seasonal crudos and organic soft-serve ice cream.


Paul Eveloff: Co-Founder


Paul Eveloff is a San Francisco business and licensing consultant and Partner in Pokonobe Associates, the worldwide licensor of JENGA®, Jenga®Giant and Jenga®Ocean. Paul works with Chef Hill to patent, license and market the Chef's Press for commercial distribution and sales in the United States and other countries.